Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Meeting at COA

The Pocosin Arts Metals Guild will meet at the Professional Arts Building in Manteo, NC on November 5, 2016.  We will begin at 10:00 am with a short but important business meeting.  During the meeting we will set the goals and the schedule for 2017.

We will also show our best smiles for a membership photo to share with Tim McCreight.

We always say bring you triumphs and pains-in-the-neck pieces to share.  This time Dottie Ansell has asked that we put our new rubric to use and critique a work in progress for her.  It is a time to help one another and Dottie is looking forward to your input.

After lunch we will explore patinas for silver and copper.

Blessings, Dianne

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