Dianne's Spoon in the Making

Draw Bowl Design and Chisel:  work with wood grain

Clamp the Wood Block: use the flat end of a ball peen hammer to move the chisel

Chisel a stop and then move the chisel toward the stop

Move Ribbons of Wood instead of Chunks

Rough sand with sandpaper drum on flex shaft and then with 80 grit followed by 220 grit

Add drawing to sheet metal

Saw out flat sheet design and file edges

Bandaged finger sanded through skin with 80 grit

Drill hole in area to be pierced

Pierced design

Annealed Sheet Design

Annealed Sheet Design placed over carved bowl form

Sinking bowl form

Sinking of Bowl Form

Sinking Bowl form with Forming hammer

Completed Sinking:  Need to Planish

Forming Handle

Handle Formed; A lot of work ahead

Patina of Liver of Sulphur and Ammonia

Bowl Insert etched
Bowl Insert enameled and riveted

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